Hi my name is Mallory, or Mal for short – hence the title of the blog. I recently said goodbye to the corporate life for a bit (semi-retirement as my boyfriend’s uncle likes to call it) and have packed a couple bags and headed to Prague to travel, study and relax. Why Prague, well the boyfriend is there completing his masters degree, and well why the heck not!

I decided to start a blog to record the funny experiences I have, cause well I am good for laughing at myself, and highlight all of the adventures I am hoping to take along the way. I might also throw in random posts here and there that have nothing to do with my travels. I can guarantee that you will smirk or smile at least once while reading a post, so keep reading, leave some comments and enjoy!

xo Mal

Disclaimer: I am not a writer, I don’t claim to be one, so don’t set your expectations too high, but you may indeed set your dork-o-meter to “ultra-high”.