Mal needs a minute.

Ok. Canada, I have a bone to pick with you after a really fun night that we had in Prague. It follows suit to another post that I did on a beer and burger festival that we went to.

Here is my rant…

Casey and I went to a boulder climbing competition at one of the main attractions here in Prague, called the Metronome. The company that Casey has been going rock climbing at had organized an international competition, where they set up climbing walls for the competition, for spectators to use, along with beer and food tents. We had a great time hanging out and watching 9 girls and 16 guys compete for top spot. These folks were crazy climbers.


After the festival we walked home along the water where there were thousands of people just hanging out by the water having a good Saturday evening beer.


Here is what I realized when we got home:

  • The event was free to watch
  • There was not one barricade surrounding the event
  • There was not one security guard near the event
  • The beer prices were cheaper than most restaurants
  • People were walking all around with beers in their hands
  • Not one fight was witnessed
  • Not one idiot had fallen into the water, just the pooches taking a dip

With all that said, my frustration is that we had an event-filled evening spending around $15, barely any money at all. Where in Canada can we possibly do that?! Why must we all be barricaded into venues where we pay a fortune to get in, then another fortune to have a drink and then be scrutinized by security the entire time. There is always concern about people’s safety, yes, but grown adults seemed to be able to function quite alright from what we saw, and they were all enjoying themselves.

Pardon my rant but it needed to be said.

xo Mal

P.s. If you have not seen Bill Nye’s new show on Netflix “Bill Nye Saves the World”, he usually “needs a minute” to rant, it is a great watch that I highly recommend, plus it’s Bill Nye – how could you not!



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