FOUR! HEADS! Watch Out!

This is a short post, but I needed to add something to my “Attempts at Fitness” page, and I was so excited that we went to the driving range! I have missed playing golf, I only got out to the driving range last summer and didn’t think I would get out again this summer. Casey and his friend Yaël found a great driving range out in Prague 8.



I think I played fairly well…the only time Casey thought he might have to fear for his life, is when somehow i hit the ball, it bounced inside the roof near his green, bounced into my ball holder and then over my green right into Yaël’s empty bucket. Hole in One! Casey didn’t find that as funny…

The thing I love about golf is that everyone I play with is a beginner so me being terrible is not as obvious. It is a sport where no one is relying on me, except for myself. I also think I am o.k. at making a decent shot once in a while. And, well, I have heard it’s good for folks in the business world 😉.

If anyone wants to hit the course in September, let me know! I promise I won’t kick your butt, though do mind your head…

xo Mal



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