A Spa-tacular Engagement

We got engaged two months ago – whoop! Time for me to write down what we did on our little engagement getaway. Casey was going to propose in this town, but instead did it before we left so that he wouldn’t have to worry about the ring. Such a smart guy!

He booked a weekend getaway to two towns outside of Prague, one called Karlovy Vary and one called Mariánské Lázně. Shout out to Veronika for the great recommendation! These towns are known as the spa towns, as the region is famous for its hot springs and geysers. There are fountains everywhere (the one time water is free in the Czech Republic), and there are tales that certain fountains cure certain diseases.


  • The 19th century spa architecture is just so beautiful that it leaves you in awe the entire time
  • A man made public beach that was perfect for a beautiful day of relaxing
  • The singing fountain! ⛲

Here is the beauty of Karlovy Vary:

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And the equally beautiful Mariánské Lázně:

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Mal’s Travel Tips

Mal’s Tip #1 – When choosing an Airbnb, when they say great views, they aren’t kidding…it’s because they are located on top of a friggin mountain like thing! The place we stayed was awesome, but the walk-up was insane…Casey calls it rewarding, but I am not sure what is rewarding about sore butt muscles!

Mal’s Tip #2 – Turn off the tourist path in these places to find affordable food ($1.50 beers and $5 pizza – Casey’s fav) and maybe your own private beach (Mal’s fav)!

Mal’s Tip #3 – These wafer cookies are made in this spa area and are a good little treat, get it “little” 😜 …buy them in these towns because they are double the price elsewhere.


Mal’s Tip #4 – If you are daring enough to try the fountains…do it…though don’t come after me if you don’t like their coppery, bubbly taste…its probably an acquired taste. ha!


I’m going to stick to my tap water.

xo Mal



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