Brno – The city not the movie character

We just got home from an overnight in Brno, and while my mind is fresh I thought a post was needed. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague and is known for being a student town and a cheaper Prague. Me and four boys decided we would head out to see if this was true.


  • The city is predominantly full of students, which made it a happening place on a Saturday evening
  • It has a very similar look and feel to Prague without all the tourists
  • The artist scene is strong with some interesting pieces of work

Foodie Fun – More like Drinkie fun!

Pivnice Pegas – A great brew pub for dinner…the wheat beer with a lemon in it was my fav.

For after dinner drinks… we stumbled across the bar with no name – I think it is famous for not having a name. Alcohol has never looked so pretty!


Tourist Fun

Cathedral of Sts Peter & Paul

In the top of the 14th century church we climbed up to get a beautiful view of the city.

At the top you can see how the big bells were built and even have the pleasure of standing underneath them when they go off every hour…we made it out with 30 seconds to spare. It was definitely a dilemma of whether to stay or go.

Underground Labyrinth

This was really neat. Taking you into caves and underground rooms that stored food and alcohol way back when. There was even a pub!

What is that butt I am gently caressing, well apparently it shall bring me good luck with men, though I think I am pretty lucky thus far. If the boys were to touch it, they were out of luck for a year with women, they all stood very far away from it.

Gregor Mendel Museum

Because I won’t be able to do this visit justice and it was Casey who had been talking about Mendel even before we arrived in the Czech Republic, he has volunteered to do a guest post about his love for Gregor Mendel…stay tuned!

Špilberk Castle

The castle dates back to the 13th century but in the 18th and 19th century was used as a prison. It has beautiful park lands surrounding it as you walk up the hill.

Mal’s Travel Tips

Mal’s Tip #1 – Brno has many sites to see and is a great way to spend a weekend outside of the hustle and bustle of Prague.

Mal’s Tip #2 – We stayed in an Airbnb hostel style place right on the main pedestrian street that fit all of five of us in one room, great for an overnight – though Fred did sleep on a mattress on the floor…so he might think differently.

Mal’s Tip #3 – The mall there looks amazing, go! It took a lot of will-power and the thought of 4 boys chasing me through a mall to not make me stop and shop. Not to mention right now EVERYTHING is on sale – no seriously, the entire Czech Republic is on sale…I may need to ship some stuff home.

Now off to fedex to find out shipping fees.

xo Mal





One thought on “Brno – The city not the movie character

  1. I love to read your Mal posts! I can just picture everything you talk about. Keep up the good work! I am feeling a lot better now, and tomorrow, I can drive again. I can hardly wait. I finally got back in Skype, and I have tried to be in touch, but no luck. I will keep trying, so see you soon, I hope. Keep up the great work, and post more adventures! I am sending along love and hugs to you both. Xxx Nan

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