#tbt: Wedding Edition

On this lovely Thursday, I think it’s time to throw it back, #tbt. I am going to write the post that first made me think about creating a blog way back when. It was the summer of ’15, (not as catchy as the Bryan Adam’s song) but has a decent ring to it. Now add to it…we attended eight weddings out of town! Yes, it involved planes, trains and automobiles (now I’m quoting movies) and each one was an awesome party, but the big question I got asked was…what did you wear to 8 weddings that didn’t break the bank…

This question had me thinking “hey, I’m a talented shopper, I could start a blog documenting all my dress buying adventures, and sprinkle it full of shopping tips and advice!” It was a fun idea, but with everything going on I just never got around to it. Flash forward two summers later, and I finally found myself some free time here in Prague and have had fun writing this blog – mal. Obviously my ideas for the blog have changed some (from shopping, to my other love, travel), but I still have some great photos and memories of all those weddings that would be just perfect for a good #tbt!

I would love to walk through each outfit I wore that summer (boy did I find some good deals!), but when I look back, I am missing a couple of photos and some of the stores that I bought my outfits at no longer exist, RIP Smart Set and Jacob Boutique. I do recall that I rarely spent over $30 for a dress; my secret for some short-life statement necklaces has surprisingly been Wal-Mart; and one of my comfiest heels were $13 from Payless Shoes, crazy I tell you, crazy!

But onto to weddings themselves. Eight weekend adventures in one summer with Casey and I both working long hours in Toronto was pretty nuts, but a hell of a good time. We were everywhere from a beautiful barn party is Alliston, to a big Italian themed dance party in Ottawa. We saw a huge range of churches, community centers, and back yards. What I can say is each one was unique and an absolutely fantastic time – all filled with great food and drinks, and most importantly, great company. 2015 will always be the summer of parties!

Below is a photo montage of that summer and for some extra fun I’ve added photos from the weddings/wedding events we have attended in the past 8 years.

Michelle and Tanner, you are up next!

xo Mal

For bonus points, can you guess which wedding/wedding event was yours?




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