Canada Day, eh!

If I do say so myself, I think we did Canada proud for it’s 150th! We were able to celebrate thousands of miles away from Parliament hill and we we definitely had to use July 2nd as a recovery day.

The one thing that saddened Casey and I with moving to Prague was that we would be missing a lot of the celebrations happening around Canada this year. With that we knew we had to throw ourselves a good Canada Day shindig! What better way to represent Canada then to invite our new friends from all over the world to our celebrations and introduce them to everything we love about our home country.

Here it goes…party was called for anytime after 1pm, as we had to day-party of course. Flags galore and some snazzy Canada t-shirts that Casey’s parents brought us were featured. Then the menu items…Maple Syrup of course! (not an easy find here in the CZ). There were tomato and mozzarella kebabs, strawberry and banana kebabs, watermelon, maple bacon, chips, and ketchup stix. Yes, you heard right, ketchup stix – a ketchup chip mixed with a hickory stick! The highlights of the menu were grilled cheese with painted on ketchup maple leafs, Caesar’s, and Poutine! Shout out to Sukanti who made amazing french fries to allow us to taste test different cheeses on fries since curds don’t seem to exist over here.

A fun day of watching hockey highlights, curling highlights, listening to only Canadian music, and sharing in some great Canadian traditions was had by all, except maybe the folks that tried the Caesar’s…apparently not as beloved as we had hoped they would be.

Thanks to all our lovely mosaic of friends – from America, Switzerland, India, Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Israel – for making Canada’s 150th one to remember!

Hope everyone’s Canada Day was just as memorable!

xo Mal


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