Between a Rock and a hard place

I have so many adventures I need to write about, but the biggest one I just got back home from. I went rock climbing, or bouldering, whichever way you refer to it. Casey and his friends Sven and Rok have been going on a pretty weekly basis and finally convinced myself and Sven’s girlfriend Veronika to come too.

So what is bouldering you might ask? Well, it entails climbing a wall (not a super giant one) on these little rocks. There are different coloured rocks to tell you which path you are suppose to take. When you arrive at the final rock (if you get there) you need to make it look like you are in control to count as a course complete. There are no harnesses so to get down you fall onto these giant foam mats.

As I spoke about in my other athletic post (the one where I attempt to hit a tiny ball), I have not been to the gym in a really long time. While in Prague I have been watching a ton of youtube yoga videos everyday to make up for not going to the gym. I also found a muscle the other day in both my arms, so I thought, ok, I can do this…

…NO, no, I couldn’t!

Ok, well I could but I may have cheated…screw following the colours, I am going to carve my own path and get to the top my own way, I am a rule breaker and that’s what makes life exciting!


I know you all wanted a photo, so thank you Sven for taking the most flattering photo of me cheating…

I felt like such a girl trying this…I was afraid of falling, breaking a nail (next time I have to cut them shorter) and the lack of muscles were just laughable, but it was fun and when I did get to the top it was super rewarding…until I had to come down…if you know me well, you know I am terrified of falling, even from a standing position, so when I got to the top, both Sven and Casey climbed the wall to try and help me down until I finally jumped off.

And how did Veronika do? Well, she kicked my butt! Though she and I did share the fear of falling.

So, will I do it again, probably, because I’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to be a monkey 🐒, and they were a favourite animal of mine at one time, I just need to lift a couple or a few thousand weights before my next attempt. 🏋

Junior monkey out!🐵

xo Mal




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