We Went to the Zoo!

Who knew?! Prague has a Zoo – I had no clue. Not usually my first choice of an excursion, just because Toronto has an awesome Zoo. It was also not my first thought for something to do with Casey’s parents, but when we read that it was the fourth best Zoo in World and the second most visited attraction in the Czech Republic after the Castle, we decided “Let’s go to the Zoo”!

The Zoo is situated along the Vltava river, which means you can take a cool ferry to it from the downtown, we didn’t due to timing but if you get the chance it looked awesome.

The Zoo is also an extremely good bang for your buck, an adult ticket is 200 CZK which is a little over $10 CAD – for a full day at the Zoo – craziness I tell you!

It was gorgeous! It is a huge zoo that spans a hillside that makes for beautiful views of the city.

There was a neat chair lift that took you to the top of the hill, and of course we had to try it.


As for the animals, here are some of my favourites.

Some unique experiences were the elephants, giraffes and gorillas.


And then there was this guy…

xo Mal


One thought on “We Went to the Zoo!

  1. Wish I had been with you guys for this trip. It looks wonderful, and the scenery is great too. Thanks Mal, for showing this. xxx
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