Stepping into a Fairytale

When Casey’s parents were visiting, we ventured outside of Prague for a mere $20 CAD/person round trip, on an almost first class bus, to a town called Český Krumlov.

🚍 RegioJet

  • A bus like no other.
  • Comfortable leather seats,
  • in seat entertainment screens,
  • a steward who offers you headsets, newspapers and a hot beverage (for free!).
  • If only, Greyhound…

So, onto Český Krumlov we went for a day trip, about a 3 hour drive there and back, but who cares with the luxury of this cheap bus!  Český Krumlov is known as the fairytale town, and it certainly lives up to it. Small cobble stone streets, a Renaissance castle and beautiful scenery with a river running through it and beautiful hill side surrounds.

We had one of the most beautiful days and I am not sure how much justice I can do with describing this place in my writing, so you will just need to see for yourself in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then went to the castle, which was built in the 13th century, but it’s appearance is from the 16th century. The entire outside of the castle is painted, including the “bricks”! We went up the castle tower and had even more beautiful views of the town. It was quite a climb up an interesting staircase (not sure how those passed a building inspector), but worth every rickety step. We also took advantage of the beautiful day and explored the palace gardens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a definitely a great place to go on a day trip, no more than 24 hours is needed unless you want to take part in any of the outdoor adventure activities that they have there.

This town just makes you think that no one is too old for fairytales and that so much inspiration can be taken from real life.

xo Mal


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