Beer, Burgers and Love

There is something to say about the culture here in the Czech Republic that differs from the North American culture, and this could probably be the same for most of Europe… They are very much in love with life.

Beer and Burgers

Two weekends ago we went to a Beer and Burger festival (yes, you heard correctly, how could we not go), it was in the middle of an open park, in front of a gorgeous church, with no barricades, no entrance fee, and no security walking around. GASP! “How could they, would mass chaos not erupt??” says those who live in Canada…NO! It was one of the most civilized festivals I think I have ever been too. Craft beer tents and burger stands lined the park; we got our burgers and sat in the park, on the grass, not caged in! And let’s not forget that a glass of beer was the same price as you would get in a restaurant and not a jacked up price because you were at a festival (about $2 CAD 😎). Oh and one more thing… when I say a glass of beer, I mean our beers was actually in glasses! Not plastic cups, but full on glasses that we got to take home with us.


The people here love each other, well, at least the couples do. The amount of PDA (Public Displays of Affection) that you see everyday is making this Canadian (who enjoys her bubble) feel a tad awkward. Good for them for lovin each other, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes on the ever romantic sardine can (aka the metro) and then making out while standing cheek to cheek – and I mean butt cheek to butt cheek – with a stranger in that same sardine can. To be honest it is a lot of the younger folks that we see doing their thang, but man the thought of “get a room” has never popped into my head so often.

I’v told you about the beer, but on to my favourite…Wine!

Since we’ve already been discussing beer, I must bring up more generally how CHEAP alcohol is here. Literally cheaper than water, no joke! 😏 Here are some fabulous examples that should make every Canadian or at least Ontarian shed a tear.

  1. It can be purchased anywhere, take that LCBO/Beer Store!
  2. You can buy 1L of Wine, in a box (it’s the grocery store brand), but stay with me, for 22 CZK – that is $1.25 CAD…are you still with me, or did you faint?
  3. The next wine example, in a glass bottle, or I should really say jug…a 5L jug, at a whopping 149 CZK – which is, drum roll please, $8.47 CAD


Maybe this is why there is so much PDA, they are all drunk on life and love!

xo Mal


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