Let’s Conquer Prague

I know you are all dying to hear about all the touristy things we have been doing while in Prague. We have seen a lot, and had some visitors along the way to help us conquer the sites. I am going to break it down into different posts because otherwise it will get lengthy. For a condensed city there is TOO much to see! For an area that not too long ago was under communist rule and no tourism existed, this is one city I recommend everyone put on your bucket list!

Let’s start with explaining that Prague is broken up into multiple districts (at least that is what I am going to call them), they have names and numbers to go along with them. It’s the easiest way to explain everything we have seen and done so far.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Prague 1 – aka Staré Město; Hradčany; Malá Strana; Josefov – it’s an oldie but a goodie! This is the old city, buildings built back in the 1300’s, old churches, synagogues, that famous bridge named after Charles, and of course the Castle (can’t forget the castle – wait until you see this thing!) and then basically everything that Prague is famous for is in this area.


Church of Our Lady before Týn in the Old Town Square

Prague 3 – aka Žižkov, aka the hood, aka Casey’s favourite neighbourhood, also where he lived when he first came to Prague. This area is up and coming, it use to be the “blue collar” area but now is going through a bunch of changes to make it hip and cool – hipsters paradise! Fun fact: it has more bars per capita than any other area in Prague…it’s a wonder Casey passed first semester 😉


View of Žižkov and it’s famous TV Tower

Prague 5 – aka Smíchov – it’s where we live! It is a big residential area (all apartments) but it is also a big business district, some big companies have their Czech offices here, like our friends at Google. Also many good pubs, restaurants and shopping, oh and a giant brewery, how convenient!


The border of Prague 5 along the Vltava River

Stay tuned for more!

xo Mal


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